About the authors

EDDY is the MCoA’s editor-in-chief, vice-president, and founding father.  He likes popcorn, Garfield the Cat, and stories where characters grow and change. Greatest hits:  Here, here, and here.

THE SHINING is the MCoA’s senior writer, executive assistant, and resident “daddy’s girl.”  She likes Milk Duds, College University of State football, and stories where characters are taught moral lessons.  Greatest hits:  Here, here, here, here, and here.

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST was the MCoA’s first intern, key grip, and guiding light.  He liked Darryl Dawkins’ Chocolate-Thunder-Flying, Robinzine-Crying, Teeth-Shaking, Glass-Breaking, Rump-Roasting, Bun-Toasting, Wham-Bam, Glass-Breaker-I-Am-Jam, the astrological writings of Mary Alice Kemery (popularly known as Linda Goodman), and stories where characters are marooned on desert islands and forced to learn the ways of the wild.  Greatest hits:  Here, here, and here.

MICAH THE GRADUATE STUDENT, in addition to serving as a character in these beloved fictions, is a real person who is struggling to write a dissertation that will reconcile the Super Smash Brothers series of videogames with CrossFit “girl” workouts such as “Annie,” “Jackie,” and “Elizabeth.”  Greatest hits:  Herehere, and here.

U + UR STORY (<3 it!) is the catch-all category for unsolicited submissions that are published by the Moustache Club of America.  The authors of these stories are shiftless, solipsistic sorts who probably have better things to do but lack the willpower to undertake them.  They are doomed.

THE MOUSTACHE COLUMN OF AMERICA is an award-winning regular feature that appears each Wednesday in the Pitt News and was recently honored by the Columbia Journalism School.  It’s based loosely on the Moustache Club of America and is ghostwritten by Eddy.  Greatest hits:  Here, here, and here.

MOUSTACHECLUBUS is the official twitter feed of the Moustache Club of America.  It consists of throwaway lines that won’t fit in our flash fictions as well as poignant sentences from all those Great American Novels we’re too lazy to start writing.

Work by our team of writers has appeared in Poynter, The Good Men Project, Stymie Magazine, Nontrue, The New York Times, Law and History Review, Pop Matters, NAPEssays in History, Johnny America, Squawk Back, National Jurist Magazine, and many other places.

2 Responses to “About the authors”

  1. One of my writers, Mia Bencivenga, is a student at Pitt and wrote an excellent response to the piece Oliver Bateman wrote recently, After MLK day, now time to seduce ‘Sweetie’. Her piece is entitled: Satire and Sex…A Dangerous Combination? You can find it at http://www.twodaymag.com. Enjoy! If someone could contact Bateman so he is aware of the piece, that would be great. Thank you!

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